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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I started Azizah Love Loves because I wanted to create a virtual, non-judgmental, and safe space. The safety of this space was very important to me because with all of the messages we receive, very few speak to how valuable we are, just as we are.

Imagine a world where you're not afraid to dream. Where being yourself is 100% acceptable. Where you are understood and encouraged to hold yourself to your highest regard.

This is the world that I want for you and all of us. You work hard, take care of children, support an ailing parent, and juggle duties that some would deem impossible. Yet, when it's time to breathe and be there for you, it feels so unnatural that you push it away and tend to something else on your list.

If you want more out of your life, whatever that might be; a relationship, a job you love, respect from others, whatever it is.... it starts from within.

This may be hard for you to take in. You might be thinking, "I already know myself, I already love myself", or "I don't want to, I want someone to love me", or "I'm scared".

I'm just asking you to listen and if it doesn't apply, then let it fly. This is your journey. Every post, every episode, is all about what I and my guests have done to get where we are now. Strong, courageous women, that didn't let the past, or current circumstances stop them. We stand boldly in who we are and what we've come to do. We welcome you on this journey, and we thank you for allowing us to walk with you.

If you read this far, thank yourself for your time. All ow the name, Azizah Love Loves, to sit with you. Replace my name, with your own. Let it serve as your reminder that love...loves.

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