• Azizah


"Honor your intuition. It's one of the greatest gifts we have". - Isabel Martin-Ventura

Intuition is not a special gift. It's just a gift that diminishes the more we ignore it. Imagine telling someone something, repeatedly. After the first warning that they didn't take heed to, you were a little disappointed, but you kept speaking to them. Eventually you would grow tired of sharing your guidance because you would think to yourself, "they're not going to listen anyway". So, instead you stand by. Waiting for that moment when they might be open to hearing what you have to say.

Be open to receiving one of the greatest gifts that we have. Our intuition is our guide. It lets us know when something is not right, before we can see the danger with our own eyes. Trusting your inner guidance system means that it will show up for you again and again.

We take more comfort in resulting in other peoples to solve our problems when the answers are within. I'm a strong supporter of having a life coach or a mental health professional. Yet, the reality is, these individuals are supporters and not your truth. They can help you identify and explore and figure out. While you answer and create your path.


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