• Azizah

Embracing Transitions

Change is difficult, especially when it feels like things are completely out of your control. You want to know when this transitional period will end and if you'll even make it to the other side. It's important to know, that despite the pain, change has it's purpose. In the midst of challenging circumstances we have the option of finding our strength. The unique abilities and gifts, that we each possess, that allow us to make it through each day.

Often times, we can look at our world and focus on examples of friends and loved ones that didn't make it through challenging circumstances or appear to be left with less than desirable outcomes. It is not up to us to identify the reasons why someone else didn't make it through. It is instead better to focus on why we should keep going. Looking at the world and your circumstance through a lens of opportunity opposed to despair.

If you were to interrupt the stage of transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly, you would stop all of it's magnificence. You will not open up its cocoon and be met with wings. You will instead open up a pool pf liquid because the caterpillar has died. The metamorphosis requires a complete breakdown of the caterpillar to create the new formation of the butterfly. Even more amazing is that the length of the process is different for each butterfly.

Don't compare your process to someone else and don't allow yourself to come out of it the same. While the caterpillar turning into a butterflies journey can be physically seen, our rebirth is more internal. We can decide to emerge with a new mindset, a new way of being, of loving ourselves, setting boundaries, and creating the life we want to live. Of not taking any moment for granted, cherishing our loved ones, and every breathe we've been fortunate to inhale.

Embrace the transition, see the opportunities, and strive for what's ahead.


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