• Azizah

Celebrate who you are and the journey you took to get here

Congratulations on how far you made it! Has anyone ever told you that before? Better yet, have you told yourself? You've made it through things that you didn't even think you would see the other side of and you probably didn't take the time to celebrate that victory.

For the past month, I've been working on a Brag journal. I like to think of it as a step up from a gratitude journal. The concept was introduced to me by my Life Coach. Initially, I was hesitant in the process. I got used to the idea of saying "thank you", even in the most challenging times, but to brag was definitely different.

What I learned is how resilient, strong, and purposeful I am. I really made it through some hair raising events and I came out stronger. The significance in celebrating my victories is calling attention to my unique capabilities so when I get moments where I feel defeated, I confidently know that I have everything I need to get to he next step.

It's also about not leaving things up to chance and doubtful "maybes".

I challenge you to join in me in bragging. Get a journal and start to record what you created. The relationships you cultivated. The will you used to get out of bed when sleep was your comfort. The children you raised. The people you fed. The house you cleaned. The business you started. The love you gave. The love you allowed yourself to receive. The way you made it through a trial that would have brought someone else to their knees. It's OK to say thank you. I say it everyday. It's also OK to acknowledge, congratulate and celebrate you.

So, Congratulations! You've made it a mighty long way.


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