Hey Love,


I started Azizah Love Loves off of my goal to inspire people to never give up. Life can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. 

On the podcast, I interview women from around the world. They share their stories and expertise to help inspire other women. 

It was important for me to not only share the message of not giving up but to provide examples of what life looked like when people kept going, or to have experts share tips and techniques on how to get over the hurdles. 

Life doesn't come with a manual and there isn't a one size fits all in how to make it through difficult times. A lot of guests have asked me what the theme is of my show. My answer remains the same, I only have one goal and that is to empower. That is why I interview a variety of guests from many walks in life. One persons shared experience might be the one story that saves someones life.  

I'm not a stranger to adversity. I've lived it. I've been in the valley and I made my way back out. The hardest part of my struggle was feeling like I was alone. That feeling increased my other feelings of shame and embarrassment. I discovered the truth, which is none of us are alone in our battles. We just need to see that there is hope. We get encouraged by seeing other people rise above. We get motivated by other stories of triumph. 

I'm so excited to have you on this journey with me and to be able to witness what it's like when you get back up. Keep pushing forward. The world needs you.

With Love,



Giovanni X_,

Thank you !

I love your content and I am always looking forward to next weeks episode. I need all the positive and love filled content I can find, your messages really encourage me to keep focused and realize that everyone goes through it.

Drive With Us Podcast


Very open and honest host who shares her life experiences and uses them to encourage others.

Xperience J

This is beautiful

Sis, please continue to shine your light and speak your truth. So many Queens need this. Beautifully honest and raw. Keep shining

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